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2200+ Web3 Investors Databaseđź’°đź’¸ + 800+ Crypto VC Firm Database

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2200+ Web Investor Database: Connect, Pitch, and Grow Your Web3 Project
Unlock Your Potential with Our Extensive Crypto Investor Database

Are you in the process of fundraising for your startup? We have just the tool for you! Gain access to a comprehensive database of over 2200+ web3 investors to propel your venture to the next level.

What does this database include?

  • We've gathered not just contacts, but a wealth of information about each investor. This includes:
    • Names and Current Designations
    • 1950+ Email Addresses
    • Professional Websites
    • Geographical Locations
    • 2000+ LinkedIn Profiles
    • 1300+ Twitter Handles
    • And more valuable insights!

How can you leverage this database?

  1. Choose your target investors: Filter the database to identify investors that align with your business needs. Don't forget to reach out to investors who are interested in your field of work.
  2. Craft your pitch deck & cold email content: Create a compelling pitch deck and email content that highlights the strengths of your business to pique the investors' interest.
  3. Send your pitch deck to the investors: Use the database to cold-email your pitch deck to a large number of investors.

What's the cherry on top?

We're not just offering a database. We're offering a package, a toolkit for your fundraising journey:

  • Access to 850+ crypto investor firms data as a bonus. Consider this our gift to you.
  • An impressive number of 1950+ emails, 2000+ LinkedIn profiles, and 1300+ Twitter accounts to supercharge your outreach.
  • You'll have permanent access, and future updates are on us.

Does this sound like a treasure chest you'd like to unlock? For any queries, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to support you around the clock.

What support do we provide?

  • Lifetime access to the database
  • Free future updates
  • 24/7 support

Make your fundraising journey easier and more effective with our detailed web investor database. Get started today to drive capital for your business.

Contact us today to elevate your crypto fundraising game to new heights!

Telegram: @oxsaba

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An airtable with a list of 2200+ web3 investor name, emails, linkedin, twitter, domain,current postion and location.

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2200+ Web3 Investors Databaseđź’°đź’¸ + 800+ Crypto VC Firm Database

28 ratings
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